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Australian authorities to support tourism after devastating fires

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the shortfall for the economy estimated at 2.3 billion euros per week

By Le Figaro with AFP The Australian government estimated Tuesday about four billion Australian dollars (2.3 billion euros) the shortfall for the Australian economy resulting from restrictions taken to fight the coronavirus, which weigh on consumption. The huge island continent has had undeniable success in the fight against the disease, the number of new infections ….  Read More

Review of international economic week for April 20, 2004

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Review of international economic week for April 20, 2004

The international environment is still a high-risk affair that should generally be avoided. The global economy remains largely frozen due to the pandemic. In recent months, economic data has changed dramatically, from modest expansion to the worst contraction since the Great Depression. However, for investors who have a high risk tolerance, there are two potential ….  Read More

Confinement day 3, emergency plan of the ECB, masks delivered by the army ... the news this Thursday

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Fourth week of confinement, Boris Johnson in intensive care, Cardinal Pell acquitted … most of this Tuesday

Coronavirus: the latest information Containment. After a significant improvement, the number of deaths caused by the coronavirus started to rise again in France on Monday with, according to the Ministry of Health, 833 more victims in twenty-four hours, including 605 in hospitals and 228 in nursing homes . The total now stands at 8,911 deaths ….  Read More

WHO worries about doubling of Covid-19 deaths in one week - rts.ch

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WHO worries about doubling of Covid-19 deaths in one week – rts.ch

The World Health Organization (WHO) alerted Wednesday on the “quasi-exponential” progression of the pandemic in the world, the number of deaths having more than doubled in one week. “I am deeply concerned about the rapid escalation and global spread of the infection,” said WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus during a virtual press conference from Geneva. ….  Read More