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Will foreign investors attack states' Covid-19 plans?

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Will foreign investors attack states’ Covid-19 plans?

Any economic crisis is conducive to the lodging of complaints on the part of investors who consider themselves injured by the States, through private courts within the framework of investment protection treaties. Argentina after the 2001 crisis, Greece and Spain after the 2008 crisis had already borne the brunt of multiple attacks, sometimes by purely ….  Read More

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Coronavirus: Global stocks go down as investors avoid the worst ..

US equity futures and several Asian stocks fell on Wednesday Concerns about the coronavirus pandemic have overshadowed the hope that broad political support would counter the economic fallout from the epidemic. Most of the traditional safe haven assets were also under pressure, as battered investors sought to unwind their damaged positions, resulting in large disparities ….  Read More

“Investors better integrate the security criterion” • Malijet.co * Mali

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“Investors better integrate the security criterion” • Malijet.co * Mali

Mali is digging the tracks of its economic diversification. The director general of the agency for the promotion of investments (API-Mali), Moussa Touré is optimistic that “investors are better integrating the security criterion” for 2020 The Agency for the Promotion of Investments in Mali (API-Mali) has focused on the agribusiness, energy, telecoms and construction sectors ….  Read More