most defective American secretary of state slides the United States into the “black hole” -English

“He is the most flawed US secretary of state in history, with no diplomatic achievements,” criticized an article recently published on the New York Times website. This comment shows that American society is increasingly aware of several slippages on the part of the current Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the consequences of which harm the life of the American population as well as national interests.

This New York Times article accuses Pompeo of inciting conspiracy over the origin of the new coronavirus. In order to secure his political future, Pompeo sacrifices public interests in favor of private affairs. In addition, he organizes banquets from the public treasury. These demonstrations, which the head of American diplomacy is organizing with great fanfare, aim to broaden his circle of friends with a view to favorable political positioning for the future.

At the beginning of May, the Australian newspaper “The Sydney Morning Herald” published a report entitled “Australia is worried about the American announcement calling for the leak of the coronavirus from a laboratory in Wuhan”. The report said that another Australian newspaper had released a confidential document from the so-called Five Eyes Alliance. The document, the report continued, indicates that the new coronavirus was probably from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Curiously, this document is based on reports from various media. The Australian government and intelligence officials believe that this so-called confidential document was specifically “revealed” by a diplomat working at the United States Embassy in Canberra.

Pompeo recently threatened to cut intelligence cooperation with Australia for letting its state of Victoria sign a cooperation agreement with China under the Belt and Road Initiative. For the United States, this agreement undermines telecommunications security between them and their allies. Prime Minister Daniel Andrews says joining the Belt and Road Initiative is all about creating jobs. He believes a strong partnership is good for the governments of Victoria and Australia as well as China, therefore, “The government of Victoria will continue to maintain the partnership with China.”

It is obvious that Mike Pompeo considers the allies of the United States as their political tools which must accompany them in their lies and in actions aimed at countering the interests of China. What is ludicrous is that Pompeo has vainly called the United States “a leading force” in the fight against COVID-19 worldwide while minimizing China’s contribution in this fight.

Having been the first country to stem the epidemic, China is showing great solidarity with the international community at a time when the world is still suffering from the horrors of this epidemic. She does not dispute the reputation of “savior” with the United States. Everyone has seen China’s joint efforts to control COVID-19 internationally. Facts and figures speak for themselves. You don’t have to wear big glasses to see what China has done around the world to prevent and control COVID-19. History will no doubt remember that China was the country that did a lot.

Based on humanism, the government and various Chinese circles have donated medical equipment to the United States. China has made it easier for the United States to purchase medical equipment. The United States has imported more than 12 billion masks from China. However, American politicians, represented by Mike Pompeo, denigrated and attacked China. Like what Max Baucus, a former US ambassador to China, says, Pompeo’s actions aim to divert public attention from the belated response to the epidemic and the recession in the American economy.

Currently, the number of deaths due to COVID-19 has crossed the 100,000 mark in the United States, Mike Pompeo, without morality, is dragging the United States into a “black hole” of decline. This politician, who declares “to respect God”, does he not fear divine punishment?

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